11 September, 2019

As I sit here listening to 3 little boys coughing, I’m ignoring my clean washing I need to fold, dinner clean up and lunch box making - I’m reminded that you just need to stop - cuddle - comfort. All that other shit can wait!
I can complain as much as I like that shits not getting done, but my little people aren’t well! My little people need me, even if I’m sick myself - they need me.
In fact apart from 1 child (just wait a few days, he’ll be sick too soon poor thing) the whole house is sick. A.G.A.I.N
Someone said to me ‘it’s hard being in a large family to contain all the sickness’ no #karen it’s not because we are a ‘large’ family. It’s because they are simply sick. They go to school, kinder, childcare, work. They pick shit up and bring it home.
People with ‘small’ (🤦🏻‍♀️) families get sick too 🙄 actually #karen sometimes just ONE of my kids get sick. Sometimes it’s just my husband, sometimes it’s just ME! And sometimes, just sometimes all 6 of us, my beautiful ‘LARGE’ family get sick.
I suppose you could look at it as we are all so close and love each other so much that we can’t help but share our germs with each other 🤧😪🤒😷💛💛💛💛